Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back Into the Deep Water

Revising the end of the novel per marvelous comments from several editors who wanted more focus on the relationship of Grace and Worth and less on distracting antagonists.The war is the antagonist now as it always was. My agent and I agreed on a plan and a deadline. Briefly sidetracked by a poetry reading last night.
Two examples of new poems:

NYC Cops 1968
“They worked this place over real good,” says Cop 1.
“Yeah, your TVn stereo are gone,” says Cop 2.
The two cops are in my apartment, guns drawn,
I asked for help
When I came down the block and saw my open1st floor window.  
“Um, well, I didn’t actually have a stereo or TV,” I say.
Sorry to disappoint them.
“Look it in here,” Cop 1 is in the bedroom.
“They freakin’ tossed it,” says Cop 2.
True, my clothes cover bed and floor
Every bureau drawer gapes open.
“I left in kind of a hurry this morning,” I confess.
Cop 2 is shocked. “You left this mess?”
Cop 1 holsters his gun, smirks, “Next time, latch your window.”  
I imagine him cuffing and charging me--
bad housekeeping in the first degree.

Watching  Super Bowl XLVI in a Home Theater
Wow, the screen’s so big,
It’s like I’m there
In Lucas Oil Stadium
And Eli’s throwing the ball to me
Sitting in a comfy recliner
eating M&Ms,
Sorry, Eli.
I couldn’t catch a cold
Let alone a football.

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  1. You are in your groove. I recall the cops narrative, but seeing it in poetic form is simply super. Fortunately, Eli did not need your assistance. And, you always catch my drift.