Monday, December 21, 2009

Flamingo Poem

For Christmas I wrote a friend a poem. Then I thought blog readers might enjoy it too. So today, thinking of David, who always celebrated the Solstice, and is still doing so as part of the Universe, I suspect, here is a poem about light.

November Evening at the National Zoo

Thin grey light sifts through paddock and cage.
Locks snap shut.
Visitors hurry to the gates, while
wild deer watch in the shadows.

You and I are lost. Again.
Another wrong turn, another mis-read map and
we circle the locked bird house, a dead-end.
Then, just ahead, a vivid cacophony calls us.

On a wave of joy we surge forward.
Dazzled, we drown in a shimmering
flood of flame-pink flamingos,
aglow from within.

At last, surfeited and sure-footed
we find the path to the gate
Pass through it into the dark.


—Susan Moger

"I encourage you to continue to submit elsewhere. "

That's just what I plan to do! On Queryday, aka Tuesday. For now, on the other weekdays, I am applying everything I learned writing Grace at War to the new novel, the NanoWriMo( novel-in-progress. One book feeds the other.